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ATP Energy System

ATP Adenosine Triphosphate Function

Biological scientist's call ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the currency molecule that every muscle cell uses to function. They explain it's an extremely intricate set of millions of minuet nano-machines that were specifically designed by our creator to form life, to survive and to overcome whatever the environment throws at us.

The small nano-machines are one of the many examples in our bodies that have an irreducible complexity, which means that the complete nano-machine, even in its most simple form cannot be broken down farther to see how it functions because it stops functioning when one small piece is removed.

In order to explain how small these nano-machines are we need to first look at large organs like the heart, liver or the kidneys. They are complex organs that process at cellular level because they are made out of smaller units called cell organelles.

These microscopic cell organelles include important functional units like microtubules, Golgi complexes, mitochondria and centrioles. These cell organelles are divided father into macromolecules (large molecules) which include ATP (adenosine triphosphate.)

ATP is designed to serve as a primary energy currency in the cell. ATP is also the most widely distributed (high-energy) compound found in the human body, because it is used to create very complex molecules, generate electricity deep within the nerves and to contract muscles.

The food that we eat from all natural sources will help us to produce more ATP which is directly responsible for every activity that happens in our bodies. We would not be able to digest food if we did not have sufficient ATP floating around, it's the key to life.

It is not just humans that use ATP to function as they are found in all living things including microscopic bacteria. The nutrients we eat all contain a low-energy covalent bond which are not able to do any kind of the work required in the cells, which is why it gets converted into ATP, so it can be used.

The process of energy production comes about when the ATP molecule is triggered by a reaction in the cell that will remove one of the phosphate-oxygen groups which leaves us with adenosine diphosphate (ADP). When an ATP converts to ADP, the molecule of ATP is spent.

ADP is then immediately recycled directly back into the mitochondria where it's then recharged, gets recycled and comes out again looking like a brand new ATP molecule. In the words of the man who did his Master's thesis on ATP, Dr. Trefil says that the simple hooking and unhooking of that last phosphate on an ATP molecule is what keeps the world operating.

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