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Advanced Bodybuilding

Advanced Bodybuilding Workouts

For bodybuilders with experience, hard-core workouts are recommended to avoid the plateauing period of muscle building. The techniques used by this group of people are never to be tried at home by beginners who have not yet sought professional help.

The routines are meant to target each muscle group in the body. The muscle is the fundamental part and the focus of any person who may want to advance in bodybuilding. The essential groups of muscles of concern are found in the; shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, back, forearms, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and in the abdominals.

Every bodybuilder has a weak point. Due to this, several changes must occasionally be incorporated in the workout process so as to make the lagging parts of the body cope with the it's desired physique. The changes may even involve subjection of the muscles in such areas so as to achieve a balanced physique which is of no doubt everybody builder's goal.

The activity should always be split into well time-tabled-sessions so as to help focus on each group of muscles at given specific times. This is mainly done in the morning and afternoon hours. Each training method should be put to practice at least three times a week so as to make it effective on the target muscles and enhance fast muscle growth.

For the advanced bodybuilding workouts, the following techniques may be applied;


In this case, two exercises are done one after the other without a period of rest between them. This is a shortened workout that helps in intensity building.

Tri Sets

This involves doing three exercises one after the other without any resting period between them. One may decide to do bicep curls, wrist curls and reverse wrist curls without rest in between.

Giant Sets

Four sets are done with no rest between them.

Partial Reps

Here, one must be ready to bear the pain of doing complete full reps following by partial reps.

Forced Reps

The bodybuilder first does his/her maximum reps alone and then with the help of a training partner to perform extra reps.

Cheating Reps

This involves great insight where one does a range of motion to failure and then additional reps during which they exploit secondary muscles and momentum.


Here, rest is used as a motivational factor. One does their maximum until the point of failure, rests for a while and picks up the weights up again to do additional sets.

21's (Rep Count)

This employs the famous power of 7 in advanced bodybuilding where half reps are done on the lower and upper Range Of Motions, seven each, then completed by other seven full range of motion reps.</p>

Drop Sets

It's one of the most unique workout exercises. Involves doing given sets with no rest between them but reducing the weights in each sets. It is done on a descending order basis. This also helps increase intensity.


For progress, the sets, reps and rests are all essential during the workout. The rest should normally range between 60-90 seconds as this would be ideal for muscle recuperation. Injuries should also be avoided at all costs.

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