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Bodybuilding Full Body Workouts

Full Body Workout Routine for Mass Gain

If you were to survey all the top professional bodybuilders they would all tell you that they started out training full body workouts three times a week.

Progressive resistance is the key to building muscle, so the objective to lift a heavier weight than you did last week is what builds muscle. However, Vince Gironda discovered that muscle will also increase in size if the same weight is used but the rest period selected is less than it was the previous week.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was big on training full body workouts and would often go back to training three times a week to rest up from a heavy duty training cycle for 6 to 8 weeks.

Below is a typical full body workout that Arnold would use in his year periodization plan and at some point during his training would do the following full body workout training three times a week.

Arnold's 3 X Week Full Body Routine

Barbell Squats 4 X 10 reps
Barbell Bench-press 3 X 10 reps (Wide-grip)
Chin-Up 3 X AMAP (as many as possible)
Behind-neck overhead press 4 X 10 reps
Barbell Curls 3 X 10 reps
Bent Knee Sit-Up 3-4 X AMAP

Any good full body workout should train your whole body every second day. You should always keep your reps between 6 and 10, when you get to 10 reps you increase the weight. You should do 6 sets per body-part on average and mix it up by never training triceps directly after chest, rather train back and chest before biceps and triceps.

In conclusion the full body routine listed above may seem like very little volume for someone like Arnold who won Mr. Olympia seven times, but it was used to rest up for 6 to 8 weeks.

The routine above done every other day would be a great routine for any beginner and even for an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder who wants to increase strength and muscle mass in the off season.

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