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Bodybuilding Mistakes

Bodybuilding Mistakes to Avoid

Don't make the same mistakes that almost all bodybuilders make, by avoiding them and learning how to fix these common mistakes you will make faster gains and run into less problems.

1. Using weights that you can't manage correctly.

Getting stronger is vitally important, lifting bigger poundage's all costs and it could halt your progress if it affects the form you're using. Simply cutting back on the weight you use will improve your form and reward you with new growth, working into a new poundage territory and breaking through a training barrier.

2. Doing cardio "The Wrong Way".

Cardio is important to keep your body-fat down but doing too much cardio is a waste of time and energy. Science tells us that doing more than 25 minutes but less than 45 minutes of cardio is the sweet spot for muscle gain and fat-loss.

3. Not taking all measures to avoid injury.

Using good technique is not something that you just pay lip service to, it needs to be your primary focus when lifting any weight. If a movement hurt's you when you use the best form you can then drop the movement from your routine and try something else.

4. Focusing on the wrong type of exercises.

If you want to gain muscle you need to focus on the compound lifts, the isolated movements will not develop the overall muscle mass you seek unless you first reach exhaustion training the compound lifts like the Big Four.

5. Not Squatting.

If you want to get the overall benefit of increasing your lean body mass and your core strength, you need to squat. You need to spend the time and effort learning how to master the technique of doing squats in order to get the full benefit of training squats with a high intensity. Squat safely and correctly or don't squat at all.

6. Not Deadlifting.

You need to pay your dues by learning how to deadlift correctly. It is probably most effective movement for building mass, but you need to master the technique doing conventional deadlifts or partial deadlifts from the knees. Any increase in the weight that you can lift using good form will directly affect your muscle gain.

7. Insufficient Effort.

There is a delicate balance between too much effort and too little effort. If you go to gym and lift a set and then spend the next 15 minutes chatting at the squat rack with your friends, you're not gonna put on muscle. You don't have to train to failure but you need to train hard with high intensity to gain muscle. In any week you need to train more days than you do not train, if you are under 50 years old.

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