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Bodybuilding Software Review

Always Gaining Muscle Building Program

Bodybuilding is a very rewarding sport and lifestyle for both men and women. It can increase life expectancy, lower the risk of contracting many diseases, enhance the quality of life and make you look and feel better. Always Gaining was designed to maximize these benefits while facilitating workout results.

The Always Gaining was designed specifically by professional bodybuilders, personal trainers, sports coaches, etc. It enables you to efficiently build customized workout routines as well as automating the cumbersome task of progress tracking.

Always Gaining is based on a concept called "One Rep Max", which simply means "how much you can lift ONCE". The software uses each exercise's One Rep Max to design your workout according to your goals (Strength, Muscle Mass, Muscle Definition, etc.). Every set and rep is calculated and printed, ready to take to the gym. It also keeps track of your progress, enabling you to easily evaluate the effectiveness of your training.

Always Gaining comes loaded with many enough unique workout programs to keep you gaining for the years to come. During your workout, you can also login right from your phone, ipad, etc. to enter your "actual" repetitions & weight lifted. The online software will import all your workout information for you and automatically program your next workout.

Why not take it for a "test drive"? Go to AlwaysGaining.com

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