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Bodybuilding Deadlift

Deadlifting for Bodybuilding

Deadlifts have been called the king of mass builders for a good reason, just like the squat it will ensure maximum results in muscle mass when the movement is performed correctly. The deadlift works because it requires you to call on your core strength to lift the weight correctly.

Deadlifts will build your core stability. The deadlift targets all major muscle groups that are used for posture and your core strength. If you can deadlift correctly, you will have a solid core strength when doing daily activities because of the emphasis on holding a straight back when deadlifting.

But deadlifts will also strengthen the surrounding muscles that support the waist, the hips, backside and the lower back. You need core strength to lift anything, even if you're sitting down. Your core strength affects everything including your sense of balance.

Deadlifting increases hand grip strength and is considered in powerlifting terms to be the true measure of someone's strength. It uses everything you have like ripping a tree out of the ground, the deadlift needs to be performed with confidence and strength.

Deadlifts will increase your cardiovascular capacity, if you train deadlifts with a high intensity you will quickly see that it is very similar to squats in the way it sucks your strength. Deadlifts have a real life application that you can feel inside. As your core strength improves you will even start to walk differently.

Technique is everything when deadlifting, just like it is important when doing any movement. To keep your back straight throughout the movement takes practice. You also need to make sure that when the weight touches the floor, your knees are not over the point of your toes.

You need to push your backside out as you lower your upper body keeping your back dead straight throughout the movement. You should breathe in when the weight touches the floor and slowly breathe out as you lift the weight to the top and lock your knees out.

If you have access to a power rack you'll be able to do limited range of motion (ROM) movements to help develop the weak points on your deadlifts. The deadlift uses all the following muscle groups in a way that stresses them to work in sync with each other developing your core strength.


Deadlifts puts stress on all four muscles (lats, rhomboids, erectus and traps) in the back with the erectors showing the biggest strength change.


The glutes are maximally contracted to lift a deadlift, which can be increased by squeezing the glutes when you get to the top of the movement. Deadlifts will also work all of the surrounding hip and pelvic muscles.


The deadlift will work the whole leg region just like squats do. The legs are doing most of the movement in the deadlift, the back is just holding everything together.


The forearms are directly affected when doing a deadlift, the biceps are fully extended helping to hold the weight at the top.


When you get to the top of the deadlift, you need to pull your shoulders back and squeeze your traps together. All the big dead-lifters have got huge traps from doing this movement with a heavy weight.

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