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Fake Muscles Synthol

Synthol: Fake Muscles for Idiots

fake muscles synthol
Do you even inject bro?

Everybody wants to gain muscle as fast as possible, the problem is that nature is stingy with muscle growth - it takes a time and a lot of hard work in the gym.

I am sure that from the first time someone lifted up a rock to try and build up their strength and muscle size, that sometime tried to sell them some weeds or some other shit that was supposed to help them get bigger and stronger faster.

Unfortunately or fortunately most of the snake oil sold didn't work, some might even have been harmful. I say fortunately because it didn't lead to over use, some crazy person always thinks if a little is good then a truckload is better.

Then along came steroids, which did work, but this opened up a Pandora's Box of "more is better" which leads to abuse. Sadly some nut will always go too far, and even more sad is that others will follow that nut into crazy town. Steroids are both illegal and have serious side effects, especially when used in the crazy high amounts that some bodybuilders use them. Many bodybuilders have died in their 40's and 50's as a direct result of steroid abuse.

And if all this wasn't enough, some "genius" got the idea of injecting oil deep into the muscle belly to produce instant muscle size. And of course a bunch of morons lined up to pay good money for this new muscle site enhancement oil called "Synthol" "Pump & Pose", etc.

Maybe in the beginning some used just a little bit to bring up a lagging body part, but of course the idiots took it too far and ended up looking like some very badly drawn muscle man cartoon.

I mean who the hell looks in the mirror and seeing muscles that look like distorted water balloons and thinks "Wow, I look great". Only someone with serious mental issues who doesn't see what the rest of us see.

Not only does Synthol look ridiculous but it's super painful to inject and it's also dangerous.

Some of the side effects and dangers of Synthol include:

Internal bleeding, abscesses, nerve damage, infection, cysts, skin rupture, stroke and heart attack.

None of the above are worth looking like a complete fool, that people laugh at rather than respect.

If you want to build your body, you are going to have to learn some patience and to train consistently for many years.

Stupid short cuts only have three possible outcomes: 1) will not work at all, 2) will make you look like an idiot or 3) will harm your health or kill you dead.

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