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Powerlifter Steroids vs Naturals

Powerlifters Taking Steroids vs Natural Powerlifters

There are many ways one could look at the difference between powerlifters taking steroids and natural powerlifters. We are goning compare it to tanning so that the analogy will make sense of exactly how steroids improve a powerlifters performance. If we want to get a tan and go to a tanning salon and lie under the rays for an hour we'll fry, getting skin damage rather than brown. It's the same with training with volume, you simply cannot do the training volume of an advanced powerlifter when you start.

Just like tanning needs to start with 15 minute sessions your powerlifting training needs to start with low volume and big weights. As you get stronger you will get fitter and be able to slowly increase your volume. It's a slow process but the strength increase builds as your volume increases.

When a powerlifter is taking steroids he/she is able to recuperate faster from high volume workouts. Enhanced lifters who take some kind of steroid or stack them in a cycle, or whatever they do to maximize results, will always make better progress and lift heavier weights than a natural lifter.

But that is not really the point when we consider that the enhanced lifter will use exactly the same volume as a natural lifter, just heavier weight. They will both train the same way, increasing sets and volume as they get stronger. The steroid user will just lift more weight.

They lift more weight because enhanced lifters are able to push themselves a lot farther than they could if they were clean. However, the process remains the same for both groups: gradually add volume over time until you simply can't anymore.

In the end, while a powerlifters use steroids my end up stronger while on the steroids, he is risking serious short term and long term side effects, is more likely to get injured and loses his extra strength when he goes off the drugs.

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