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Steroids Dangers

Why Steroids are Dangerous

Anabolic steroid abuse is dangerous for many reasons and without sports science getting the long-term effects on steroids because of lack of data, they put mice on steroids for 1/5th of their lifespan to see what happened. All the mice tested died a premature death.

The recorded side effects from taking steroids have been well documented and range from cosmetic abnormalities like bitch tits (gynecomastia), boils on the skin and skin tearing. These are obvious and can be seen easily by the judges, whether itís a natural bodybuilding competition or not, points will be deducted.

Those affects mentioned above are short-term side effects, the longer term side effects from taking steroids can range from jaundice (liver dysfunction) and renal insufficiency or renal failure (losing the use of kidneys). Cancer has also now been clearly shown to be a side effect from taking steroids.

The irony is that most of these side effects can be reversed if the use of steroids is stopped permanently. Some remain as permanent like when a women'ís voice deepens from taking steroids, it will never go back to the pitch she used to have before, even if she stops steroids permanently.

Research does show that when a steroid cycle is completed it can affect muscle size permanently if weight training is continued and the steroids are never used again. This factor is probably important as it often starts a person "trying" steroids for the first time, but a few months after quitting they see a decline in lean body mass or hit a training plateau and try "just one more cycle" and the problem gets worse.

All steroid abuse will immediately disrupt any normal production of the hormones your body produces. The side effects caused by taking steroids are both reversible and irreversible. The reversible side effects that can go back to normal include a reduced sperm count and the shrinking of testicles (testicular atrophy).

Irreversible changes are some of the points listed above like kidney function but they also include breast development (gynecomastia) and male-pattern baldness. In women anabolic steroids will cause masculinization. The size of her breasts will diminish, increased body-hair and a reduction in body-fat with the skin becoming a lot coarser.

Another irreversible side effect happens when teenagers take steroids because the bones stop growing, permanently. Steroid abuse has now been associated with (CVD) cardiovascular diseases radically increasing the chances of having a heart attack and/or stroke before the age of 30.

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