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5 week bodybuilding diet

Posted by Coss

I need an easy but aggresive 5 week diet

I'm 5'9" 185lbs and around 15% bf
I already do tons of cardio (I'm a mountain bike racer)
I need to get down below 170 in 5 weeks!
Can any one help?
I will follow the plan to a T. But please keep it simple and cheap!

Posted by Bigjee

5 weeks...humm, you should try a Ketonic diet...only fat and protein are allowed, not carbs at all (even from fruits)...take vitamins and mineral supplementation...3 days before your competition carb up for the energy as it takes 2-3 days for your muscle glycogen to return normal, also drink tons of water to reduce your water retention and the day before the weight in, reduce your water intake by half...hope it helps...

Posted by Rook

Coss, whatever diet people might try to convince you is better, you have to try it for yourself as everybody is different and thus respond differently to diet and exercise...it's the same for supplements, xenadrine's good, ephedrine's good, caffeine's good but you have to try them to see which one is better.

Normally the best thing to do is to try them all before you really need them, but since probably only have 5 weeks out now, I would try to use only one supplement like xenadrine for example and one type of diet and remember that dieting isn't a regular thing, you might loose 10 pounds during a single week and loose nothing during the next week, but keep at it, not because you don't loose weight on the scale means that your not burning fat anymore...

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