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All protein shake diet for bodybuilding

Posted by GearHead


What do you guys think about an all shake diet. On my next cycle I think I'm going to give it a try. I know that I could take in waaaaay more calories this way. I would also take lots of vitamins to make up for the lack of real food. What do you guys think???

Posted by BigboyNasty

your metabolism will slow to a crawl and you'll be hungry all the time. Trust me I saw a friend try it once.

Posted by Smith

I do think that protein shakes and meal replacement products are a necessary supplementation to your daily nutrition. However, the human body was not meant to survive on an all liquid diet. You need roughage, fiber and other things which are in real solid food to go through your system. I advise against switching to an all liquid diet for any extended period of time. Approximately 3 protein drinks/M.R.P.'s are quite enough for one day. Get the rest of your protein and carbs from "real" food.

Posted by Indy

I think you'd be damn hungry on an all shake diet! Also, the lack of fiber would probably be pretty rough on your system. Might make your trips to the bathroom kinda rough... I think they're great as a suppliment, but not a replacement to regular food.

Posted by GearHead

OK...so the main problem everyone sees is that I would be hungry all the time, and that the lack of fiber would tear me a new asshole.

If I added a fiber supplement to the diet I should be alright in that department.

As far as being hungry all the time goes why would that be a bad thing. I think that if I chugged down a shake every hour I wouldn't get too hungry. Most people's problem is not being hungry enough to eat all their calories.

To address the metabolism slowing down, why would that happen??? If I was eating (drinking) every 1-2 hours wouldn't my metabolism be running like a bon fire? I thought that it would just be a steady fire.

Thanks for all the help as always.

Posted by Griever

It's the lack of carbs that make you hungry (As from what i have heard) because when you eat carbs they release a hunger hormone to increase the craving for food. So maybe you should add some carbs in there to reduce the hunger. But i wouldn't recommend this new diet at all.

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