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Anabolic steroids and baldness

Posted by Manny

I thinking of taking my first cycle of anabolics. Baldness is a big concern for me especially because it seems to run in my family. Can anyone tell me how common this side effect is and if products like Rogaine can help prevent its occurance? Thanks.

Posted by Waaazaap

I was talkin' to my friend whose friends are taking anabolics and all of 'em are loosing hair, one is completely bold after a year.

...and they were takin` that thing that should prevent it .......

..just to let you know

Posted by Turtle

After a 2 month steroid cycle I have lost the hair above my ears and on the temples, and baldness does not run in my family and im 25?? Work that one out. Here comes the shaver. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Ht

Hey Turtle, Have you gotten any more info? My friend has lost his hair in those areas as well. Just wondering if you learned more.

Posted by Luisfer

A friend of mine started taking steroids, and he's now bald. He's just 22 years old, and lost all of his hair in 9 months. He had a lot I mean a lot of hair.

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