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Are baked potatoes good for bodybuilding

Posted by Mike

Are starches bad for you? (baked potatoe?)

I know the obvious ones like french fries are really bad for you, but what about a baked potatoe, not loaded or anything....or canned potatoes or hash browns in a restaurant. Are these things bad for you?

Posted by Smith

Regular potatoes and sweet potatoes are probably one of the best complex carbohydrates that you can eat, if not THE best period. Assuming you dont add things like butter, sour cream, etc. Baked. microwaved, etc. Potatoes cooked in oil are not as good, like restaurant hash browns.

Posted by Voidware

Great article on this topic in this months FLEX magazine. Baked potato is the best source of carbos out there.

Posted by Sd

Baked potato is very good for weight gain, bt not so good for weight loss. its a great source of carbs, yes, but its high glucose (as opposed to fructose) causes it to raise your blood sugar very quickly. this may cause more of the carbs to be stored as fat than otherwise. foods high in fructose are metabolzed slower and thus the glycogen is more "time released" into the bloodstream. this phenomenon is described in research reated to the glycemic index. when i first heard about this i thought it was bullshit, but my mom has been sticking to foods low on the glycemic index and has lost 50lbs in 6 months while still eating a lot of good food (with no supplements and moderate excercise). do an internet search on "glycemic index" for more information on this subject.

Oh and about hash browns...... stay away from them. in general, fried foods should be avoided whenever possible (but there soooo good so i sometimes go against my own advice)

Posted by Cutter

I would agree with Sd.... if you are trying to lose fat, I would keep your potato intake moderate. In fact, when I'm on a cutting cycle I eliminate almost all starches and get my carbs from fruit and vegetables (skim milk too of course). However, for bulking up I think they are great. Nothing goes better with a big ass porterhouse than a baked potato smoothered in butter... (except maybe a bowl full of sauted mushrooms)

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