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Are steroids right for

Posted by Imax

Hello, I am a 17 year old who is very interested in body building. I am 6'1" 260 pounds, and I'm on the football team so I believe it is very important for me to get stronger. My current squat is 365, my is dead lift 350, and my bench is 200. This is my first year training. I would like to know if steroids or a steroid substitute would be any good for me. Please give me a reasonable answer.

Posted by Bigger is better

17 yrs old and 260pounds, is very good. but steriods is not an good idea yet, wait until you are 21 and older before using juice.. take andro and supplements and you will grow better. you need to get your bench up, 200 at 260 pounds? common bro get it up higher. you sound like you might have some extra bf what is your %?? good luck bro

Posted by SoulReaver

biggerisbetter is right you are to young. Just wait and get your bench up. Remember.. good things come to those who wait, PEACE

Posted by Gremlin

I think you should wait a couple years..Learn to train, eat and sleep properly, before deciding if it's right for you.

Posted by Analogue

First I'd say wait five years, then I'd say, try to cut as much fat as possible before hitting any gear.

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