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Atkins diet is it any good for bodybuilders

Posted by Latinomusc

Is the Atkins diet any good, can i lose 10lbs of fat and not muscle?

Posted by Smith

The Atkins diet is retarded. It is completely unnecessary to lose fat. Yes, it will help you to lose fat but why use it? Eat the proper amount of protein and complex carbohydrates. Eat all foods with less than 10 percent of their calories coming from fat. Engage in a serious cardio and weight training program. Those are what you need to lose fat properly. Not some goofball diet created by a doctor with a clever marketing strategy.

Posted by Kak

The atkins diet is great man, it allows you to eat a toin of food and still get big while putting on lean mass, and if your trying to lose fat its even better. I have been following a very lo carb high protein high fat diet for over a year now and I am at 175 lbs and 8% body fat, great results and I'm still growing like mad.

Posted by Siren

I've been through several Physiology and Biochemistry courses, and the Atkins diet is about the worst thing imaginable for your body. There are several rotten side effects, but here are a few that should get your attention.

First, there has been research to show that consuming carbohydrate has a 'protein-sparing' effect. The human body wants to utilize any food you consume as fuel before it will build new muscle. If you don't have carbs in your diet, your body will burn whatever else you eat as fuel. This is not good because metabolizing protein as fuel in the absence of carbs causes a condition called ketosis of the blood. It's a biochemical imbalance that is toxic for your body. If you have carbs, your body will prefer to use them instead. Problem solved.

Second, your brain needs glucose to function. Glucose is a carb. 'Nuff said.

Also, I worked at a clinic recently, and one of the physicians tried this diet for a month as a sort of experiment, to see if his cholesterol levels would change. The bad cholesterol increased considerably, and the good disappeared. Bad news, all around.

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