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Best type of bread for bodybuilding

Posted by BigPapa

I'm just wondering what bread you all eat/reccomend. I used to get a really good bread that was whole grain etc, but can't find it anymore. I'm looking for something that is super healthy, not the joe average white bread. Any help with brand names or ingredients to look for would be helpful, thanks.

Posted by Bigjee

Pumpernickel bread is very good as much as for the taste as for the nutrients it contains...any wheat bread is good, there isn't any magic bread, any wheat or black bread is ok...

Posted by Ferret

Try baking your own. Then you know all the ingrediants. The bread i bake for myself, I don't use vegetable oil, for one thing. I use a toaster oven. And you can use high-protein flour like amaranth or quinoa. Tastes different, but healthy.

Posted by Oldfart

If you can't find a 100% whole wheat bread inyour market anymore 1. Tell'em to get some 2. Go beyong flour. We use something called Ezekiel 4:9, a sprouted grain bread. Tastes good, a bit on the thick side but much easier to digest than white or wheat flour. Then again, a good french bread........

Posted by Bigndn

As far as keeping a low insulin level, breads are sugar spikers. Whicj could lead to fat storage. Sourdough bread keeps the insulin and sugar levels low.

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