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Body for life good or bad

Posted by Roarty

Hey, has anyone gone on the body for life? or have the book at all? if so, how is it?

Posted by Smith

I read Body For Life. I thought it was an excellent overall book which covered a lot of topics, albeit briefly, and gave a lot of solid advice in a motivational way.

I don't personally follow it because I think it is better aimed at beginner or low-intermediate fitness buffs. The book seems like it would be a great recommendation to people who have never been seriously involved with good exercise and proper nutrition. The book gives them a good foundation to start with.

Unfortunately, Bill Phillips gets a lot of flack from the bodybuilding community for things and events in his past. He seems to be a very controversial figure. Despite all of that, I thought the book was generally pretty solid.

Just my opinion....

Posted by Mitch

The BFL is definately for someone who has little to no weightlifting experience. It basically gives you a sound nutritional diet, but insted of hardcore weight training it turns weight training into a cardio excercies. I know a few people who were overweight and had fantastic results with BFL, but as soon as they reached thier goal they got into a more hardcore style. As to the question of whether you can get ripped or not, abso-fucking-lutely. If you flollow the diet, weight and cardio regime, you will most definately loose a significant amount of body fat. And while there is a weight training aspect of the BFL, when you loose alot of body fat, your going to have a solid base of muscle when you get there, which is going to make you look great. Although I've never done it, I recommend it for someone who is a bit overweight and serious about loosing bodyfat. I do not however recomend it for someone who already has a sturdy frame and decent body fat %.

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