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Bodybuilders and junk food

Posted by X-treme

I'm going to get flammed for this but you all say eat healthy... I've talked to a few bodybuilders, and one's a pro.

They all say they eat Fast food whenever they get a craving.. at least once a week and that's when they train. I know it's fat.. but some of them say they want that fat. They're no little guys either so what's the problem with eating this stuff if you want to gain some extra weight?

Lee priest does I was told once a week he either hits McDonalds or Burger King. That's no lie either.

Posted by Wayne

No Flame from me X-treme...

I have lost over 33 lbs since February with dieting and working out. In that dieting routine I have one day a week set aside that is a free day and I can eat what ever I want. I can have McDonalds, Pizza, even chips and some junk food. The reasoning for me doing this is to fool my body in not thinking it is starving so I still lose the weight and I haven't seemed to plateau yet so I am pretty sure it is working fine for me. When ever I get a craving, I just think to myself that I only have to wait until Sunday and then I can eat my heart out. It is so satisfying to be able to eat McDonalds and know that I am NOT cheating on my diet. I also think that being able to fall off the wagon once a week keeps me honest during the week and I will not have a tendancy to quit the diet bacause I can still eat those foods once in a while. Don't get me wrong though...you still have to have a level head on your free day. Having 1 Big Mac is ok...but not 3 or 4, haha.

The program I am on is called the Body for Life. I know a lot of guys on here just think it is a money grab for Bill Philips but...I really don't give a shit cause I have never lost this much weight in my life and I feel great. I am half way there and I am going to stick with it until I am done.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Posted by BigboyNasty

I allowed 2 free days a week when I lost 30 pounds in 3 months. If you don't allow this you'll break down and go crazy eating. Our bodies naturally crave fattening foods. So Enjoy that pizza or big mac evry so often. Besides when your a teenager you shouldn't have to eat low fat all the time. If your a teen enjoy tjose foods ,but make sure you get the protein. When I was in high school I ate like a bear all the time and hardly gained bad weight.

Posted by X-treme

I don't want to lose weight that's why. I want to gain this size.

I know everyone says eat eat eat..I know how much protien and calories etc.. it's just does it matter if it's bad food like mcd's? Wlll it do any harm? It is fattening food and does have quite of bit of protein in some of the burgers...

It's just not healthy fat stuff..But would it matter in my case?

Posted by BigboyNasty

Beef in any form is the key to strength and size. Won't get bulky on an all tuna and chicken diet. I eat beef at least once a day, whether it be steak, deli, or a double quarter-pounder from McD's

Posted by BigPapa

I think alot depends on your on metabolism. In general if you have a tendancy to get fat fast, then going easy on the fast food might be wise. Believe me, I know. :-) If however your working hard, doing a little cardio maybe or just generally active then there probably won't be any great harm in fast food burgers etc. I try to limit my cheat day to once or twice a week. usually on the weekends I'll slack off, but stay super strict the rest of the time. I've currently got alot of fat to lose.

Posted by Smith

Eating food from fast food restuarants is unhealthy. It may or may not satisfy some psychological need for some people. If that's what it takes to stay the course with your fitness plan, then go for it. But don't fool yourself into thinking it's still healthy. It may not be so unhealthy that proper nutrition and exercise can't make up for it. But for most of us, it would still be a net loss. I personally avoid the cheating principle.

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