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Bodybuilding college cafeteria

Posted by Masta

Cafeteria food tastes like rubber! Help

I just moved into the Dorms and have been eating cafeteria food for like a month now can somone please give me some advice as too some good food thats nutricious, but that will also fit in my mini fridge and is microwaveable. Thanks

Posted by Sd

im in college too and i know exactly what youre talking about. some suggestions that are cheap and easy to make with just a microwave:


- plain oatmeal, for $5 you can get enough oatmeal for 20-30 meals. what a deal! usually i like to put fresh fruit in it, such as strawberries or banana, which i steal from the cafeteria. this is is a pretty good way to start the day

- cream of wheat, basically the same price and quantity as oatmeal. extrememly filling but it doesnt tast that great plain so i like to put some flavored whey protein (usually vanilla) to improve taste.

lunch and dinner:

- invest in a foreman grill, they are great. you can cook just about any type of meat on them and its fast and good.

- still go to the caf. and use your meal plan, but dont eat gorge yourself on the food there. most is not particularly good for you. like i mentioned before, try to swipe some fruit for snacks later in the day. i try to fill up on stuff from the salad bar so i dont have to eat the flank steak or cubed fish or whatever else they have in there. you may need to supplement your protein intake to make up for not eating all the meat they have in the caf, but in the end youll be better off.

- in general, microwaveable meals (the ones you get in the frozen food section) are not a good choice because they are simply not that nutritous and are very expensive.

I hope this helps.

Posted by Oldfart

You might also check out the soup section in the grocery store. Healthy Choice is just one brand of soup that is healthy and worth eating. Example: Split pea & ham @ 1 cup has 170 cal. 13gr. protein, 21gr. complex carbs, 2 gr. fat, 480 mg. sodium for about $1.50. check it out.

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