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Bodybuilding contest preparation questions

Posted by D-Man

Contest Time!!!

Hey guys I have a few questions to ask but before I get into anything let me go ahead and give you a quick overview of my stats.
Im 17,5'10, 190 lbs with 10% bodyfat on me.
Here are my body stats:
arms: 16'
forearms: 13 1/2
thighs: 25' 1/2
calves: 17' 1/2
chest: 44'

Ok now that you have my stats here are my questions, Oh my contest is June 9th, I will be competing in the NPC. I am AS free.

1. With my bodyfat at 10%, when should I begin dieting?

2. Im fairly light skinned, when should I begin tanning, how long should I tan, should I use tanning lotions to speed it up? If so when?

3. When should I begin shaving my body? Any tips? Should I use nair?

4. What do i eat on my diet, when do i stop water intake, when do i stop carb intake? Should I use a dieuatic?

5. What supplement do you guys reconmend me take while dieting?

6. How should I lift? Light? Heavy? Cables or free weight?

Thanx for the answers, anyone who answers these with full quality info, there names will be said aloud in the thank yous if I win the contest. Please guys give me a helping hand, I really want to win this.

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