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Bodybuilding cyclical ketogenic diet

Posted by Bigbadad

please help me with my ckd, i feel like sh*t!!!

I started my cyclical ketogenic diet last sunday at noon, its now thursday night and i have lost a total of 6 lbs, im rather worried, is this to much? the loss is encouraging(i know most of it is glucose) however since monday i have been feeling terribble like i have a constant hangover or something. i was 195lbs and i stick to a close 2000 cals a day andhave been doing the weights on mon and tue, i feel fine just after i have eaten but withtin the hour i am having hunger/sick pains in the pit of my stomach!!! what am i doing wrong???

Typical day:
1: 4 eggs : 370 cals
2: chicken mayo :350 Cals
3: tuna mayo : 400 Cals
4: mince meat cheese ketchup : 800 cals3: tuna mayo : 400 Cals 5: protein shake flax seed oil : 240 cals

I have just started a new job as a storeman at an icecream factory which involves lots of heavy lifting and i have been to pooped after work to do any cardio. also my car was broken into so i have been stressen these past couple days! anything to do with it? what about lack of sleep?

I dier need of help, not feelin at all good but dont want to give up my ckd! Oh yeah, one more thing, has anyone ever only carbed up every two weekends to stay in kertosis for longer dose this work?

Posted by BigboyNasty

Hey if you're lifting hard you need more cals than that or you only lose not gain. you need at least 80 more gr. of protein and add some green carbs too.

Posted by Smith

An AGGRESSIVE,but safe,weight loss program would involve losing up to 2-3 pounds per week. If you are losing at a rate faster than that, it is not safe. Furthermore, you are probably losing muscle mass and water weight which is obviously not desirable.

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