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Bodybuilding diet during school

Posted by Rollie

Hey guys!! Problem - school eating (will help a lot of kids)

School (grade 11) will be beginning for me soon, and i am psyched to beable to go back and show off in the weight room! Of course, I am worried about my eating though! i have been eating a consistant 50/35/15 meal plan, with 7 meals and 2500 cals a day (i only weight 132, and am 5'7" with mediocre metabolism, so i gain muscle pretty easily). We are allowed to eat and drink during class (yay!) and was wondering what i should do about eating in school!

I wouldnt have any issues with my breakfast, lunch (i can pack a mean lunch!) or after school, but, round 10 o clock i would wanna have a meal to keep the metabolism up! Shakes are inconvienient, so i was thinking sports bars. Can you guys reccommend any that are good? I have heard great things about pure protein, but i was thinking that maybe i would want a bar with more carbs...because it is not that balanced. So i looked at promax, but they are all high sugar carbs! BLAR! F that S. So yeah, can you guys recommend what i do, and if it is a bar like which kind is best (not taste wise, nutritionally for an avid lifter). Thanks guys!

PS - when i said eating ok was in class, i didnt mean bringing a george foreman grill... haha. Sandwiches are a bit messy. Anything not messy. :-)

Posted by Bigjee

I had the same problem a couple years ago when I was in College...for your 10 am protein shake try this : put your protein powder in an emptied water bottle, hide it so nobody's asking stupid questions and during your morning break go to the toilet and fill it with water...or if you don't have any morning break, do the exact same thing, but add the water just before class around 8h, 2h should be ok, if your protein smells bad don't drink it, this means that it has been mix for a too long period of time with water...This is the best trick I ever used when in a strict schedule...

Posted by BigPapa

I personaly like the protein plus by Met-Rx. They taste pretty good and are rather filling. If your looking for a good balance of carbs/protein the EAS bars are not bad, but not very filling.

Posted by BigDude

Try mesotech bars , the better taste bar and it have 30 g of Potein and 45 carbs and 3 or 4 % fat..

good stuff! and cheaper than a fuckin fast food!

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