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Bodybuilding liquid diet

Posted by Dman

My uncle was into bodybuilding bigtime and gave me his Protein Shake recipe(but I forgot it at my cottage that is far away so I have to get it this weekend) I want to try it! So do you guys think I should quit eating junk and Just have abou 5-6 protein shakes a day and lot's of water, and ONLY eat and drink that. Do you guys think it's a good Idea? Once I get my recipe I will post it also because I would like to ask if you guys/girls think it is any good. But anyway, My main question is should I try the protein shake and water diet?? Thanks a lot

Posted by Kak

Are you trying to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle what are your goals. An all liguid diet isn't good, you need to get most of your calories from sources like mea, and veggies, and good food. Yeah dump the Sugar though

Posted by Dman

I'm trying to slim down a bit but gain muscle, I'm only 15 so I just want to gain some muscle and see what happens with my weight because my bro was chubby and now at 18 is pretty slim so I wanna just go for muscle!

Posted by Littlesha

1) You will be STARVING on a liquid diet. Forget it----you'll end up binging.
2) Liquid diets slow your metabolism
3) Going to the bathroom will NOT be fun.

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