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Bodybuilding over 50 years old

Posted by Crash

Older Bodybuilders

Hey guys! Just found this site. I am a 57 year old lifelong hard core bodybuilder. I train hard 6 days a week. One bodypart a day. I am 6'3" weigh 220. Used to be 260 but find it hard to keep the mass as I get older. Have always been natural. How about some feedback from guys in my age group? The muscle mags dont feature enough of us!

Posted by Live4IRON

51 here...not as dedicated as you, crash but I can remember the 'pre ARNOLD' days when lifting was done in the basement at the 'Y'with benches made with plumbing pipes and all the plates were 'Weider'. There'd be a speed bag and heavy bag, and yah, those cable pulleys mounted on the wall.

The Universal gym, when it came, was space age stuff and then when Nautilus came..that was xtra dues and the FKING calculations you had to do to set the seat at the RIGHT position! Gawd!

Only a few guys lifted weights when I was growing up; women didn't and 'cardio' didn't exist; except for running around the track; taking a steam and going home to eat red meat and maybe down a few beers.

I can remember as a kid being impressed with Bill Pearl, Reg Park and mostly Dave Draper....any other names escape me now.

In some ways I liked it better before 'Arnold' the equipment was primitive, but worked. Gyms weren't these huge mega-chains However, now, we're training supposed to be training smarter and eating healthier.

Posted by Crash

Sounds like you are from my school Live 4 iron. My first barebell was a broom stick with a hollowed out oil can filled with rocks on each end of the stick. and a sled for a bench press.I trained down my cellar with just that for 1 year back in 57 i think. Made great gains, so I joined the Y. There were no machines back then ,just basic iron weights. thats realy all you need to build a great body. A barbell' 2 dumbells, a bench, and a little bit of knowledge. As far as nutrition goes, I got huge with milk and bannanas.I can go into my routines later but got to go now. time for a lean body shake.

Posted by Timberbeast

I am not as old, however I am 44 and my training partner is 45. After all the years I have been training I still love it. I was natural untill about six months ago and my dr. said I had low testosterone level and gave me a script. I have found that as we age you can still put on some good mass. I would sugest finding a training partner. My training partner is 45 he is 5'8 and 216lbs. and his bench is 450. I am just a little fella I am 5'5 250 my bench is at 360 right. Weightlifting is something we can do well as we age if we kick ass and take names.

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