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Bodybuilding rant

Posted by Tryitallonce

I'm sorry but I just have to vent about some things that really make me laugh!!! Here goes, and feel free to add on to the list!!

#1 - You stupid little punks who wear weight belts while you are working forearms!!! What is your major malfuntion? Do you feel bigger with a weight belt on? Are your forearm workouts straining your back? Unless you are doing back or shoulders....TAKE THE FUCKING THING OFF!!!!

#2 - People, no let me rephrase that, ASSHOLES who don't let you work in. When did it become YOUR machine FUCK FACE??? I'll be damned if two guys weren't doing back rows on the machine and they said I couldn't work in "because they don't have time to rest....?? What the hell is that about....?? You don't have time to let one person work in.....FUCK YOU!!! I just want to hit the dumbass with a freakin' dumbell!!!

#3 - FAGGOTS in the gym that won't leave you alone. YES, I said faggot, if you want to be one, I have the right to call you one, so don't cry to me about calling you a name. Wanna call me straight, go ahead!!! So if you have an itch to respond to me, save your breathe, I could care less whose ass you play with!!! They walk around the gym in TIGHT little shorts, thinking that everyone just WANTS to look at their tiny packages. WE DON'T. Take that crap somewhere else. And when I am working out, I don't need some fag hanging on to my waist spotting me!!! Wanna touch someone, go home a touch your pet gerbil, you colon cowboys!!!

Sorry for the raving, but damn I was pissed off. Feel free to add anything to the list!!

Posted by Live4IRON

Hey.....51 y.0 PUNK here! I wear my nearly 20 year old sweat stained, hard, cracked Altus weight belt out of HABIT....nothing more. Wear a cap too; they don't last as long when they get good and grungy...HABIT there too. I've read this 'belt beef' before & I can see where you're venting from & maybe some 'newbie lifters' ignorantly really believe the belt is going to help them with any exercise.

Maybe that's why I started the stupid HABIT, but I know how to lift/ I know the belt doesn't really do a damn thing, but I'm keeping my FUCKING belt ON!

If a dude seems to be hard working & lifting correctly I don't really care what he's wearing; unless it's some 'Richard Simmons' type get up. Then I think it's too 'free' a country.

#2 agreed when it comes to machines & a bigger guy should be willing to let a smaller guy work in & vice versa. Common lifting sense has that you're not going to do a 'zillion sets' on a machine anyway.

#3 agreed. anyone touching 'spotting' me other than the elbows during a set of dumbell presses without permission (& thx Gawd that hasn't happened yet) better like the taste of a sweat toughened weight belt. THAT"S when I'll take it off.

I've got a vent of my own....but I'll respect 'tryitallonce's time to growl

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