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Cardio before or after weights

Posted by Envy

hey boys im looking to lose a bit of weight , 15 pounds or so but at the same time im looking to gain some more muscle. first question is is this possible or am i just wasting my time doing both? should i just concentrate on losing weight since that is my main goal? also which is more effective for losing weight while gaining a little muscle, doing cardio before or after weights? thanks guys

Posted by Billy

You can loose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Just eat clean and high protien. Do cardio in the morning on empty stomach and train in the evenings. I wouldnt do both at the same session, youll just more than likely using up all your fuel and then start burnin protien for energy..thats not really good. If you must though, train first, and then try to eat or drink a carb drink or something before you start cardio. Just my opinion....

Posted by Analogue

I've done this in the past with great results. I started by running for 15 mins then lifted as soon as I finished my run. This works extra well because your heart rate is way up and your muscles are warmed up, it seems to really help my intensity while in the gym. Once I got used to the 15 minute run(after say a week or two) I started increaseing the length of the run until I was running for around 30 minutes. This workout really worked for me, I lost fat and I definitely made some decent lean muscle gains.

Posted by Paul

You should always do cardio after weights, never before.

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