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Carpal tunnel syndrome and weight lifting

Posted by BigboyNasty

I had a sharp pain develop in my left wrist today and it throbbed 2 or 3 times for a couple of minutes. The throbbing is gone and now I'm stuck w/ a dull pain that gets sharp when I rotate it. I did nothing to it. It just started throbbing out of the clear blue. My wife is an RN and she says it might be carpel tunnel This could knock me out of the game for a few weeks please if anyone knows what to do I could use some advice. I don't want to lay off. It would kill me!!! Anyone been through this please tell your experience.

Posted by Mason

I had a small cyst develope in the joint of my left wrist. It wasnt seen from the outside and didnt raise the skin. They found it by xray. It did cause me pain when I bent my wrist or turned a doorknob. The Dr. made a very same cut and removed it. I was out for about a week on lifting but cardio and legs I could workout. As for the throbbing you have I dont know, I didnt have that symptom. The best bet would be a Doctor if it keeps up.

Posted by Gorlim

Are u a lefty? If your not its unlikely its carpal tunnel syndrome, your most likely to get it from doing repitive hand movements, like using a mouse... it may just be tendanitis, best bet it is to see a doctor.

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