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Diet and exercise for abs

Posted by Italianbabe

I'm 20f 5'2 110 lbs i want to lose some weight like 5 lbs and start working out so i can get a 4 pk i hear i shouldnt eat any carbs and start eating more b/c i only eat once a day and mayb thats why its hard for me to lose that 5 lbs..i know nothing about nutrition so if any1 can give me their diet on what you guys eat throughout the day that keeps u healthy and able to see those sexy muscles tell me

Posted by Griever

If you really want to lose the weight then do plenty of cardio eg running and jump rope. Keep your carbs low but to compensate for the loss keep your protien high. I think that only one meal a day is kinda unhealthy. If you make sure that you eat well then you should be having more meals than that. If you do the excercise and the cardio then you'll get your four pack. But weight loss takes time so dont expect the results to come over night.

Posted by Tryitallonce

Good God girl. You don't need to lose 5 pounds!!! But if you must, I agree with Griever on the carbs and protein, but you should DEFINITELY spread your meals out over the day. It keeps your metabolism high and you burn more stored fat. By eating once a day, your body is only having to work for about 1 hour a day and that's it. Compared to eating 4or 5 small meals, your body is constantly trying to burn those calories. You should be doing cardio (running, jump rope, stairmaster, etc...) at least 4 times a week if you are just trying to burn some fat. Good luck, let us know how it goes!!!

Posted by BigPapa

All good advice from these guys. If you want to bring out the abs, do plenty of crunches. You can train abs everyday. Definatly spread your eating habits out over 5 or 6 small meals a day. I know its hard to get into that concept, but your body has shut down the fatburning process because it thinks your starving. modest carbs will not hurt your diet. Also look into a good weight training program. Muscle helps to burn up calories and keep the metabolism running faster. One last thing, don't worry so much what the scale says. Go by overall appearence as your final judge on your shape and build. At a bodyweight of 260lbs I should be by definition of convetional diet experts a human blob and around 30%body fat. Not the case however as I'm more like 15% right now.

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