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Diet for losing fat and not muscle

Posted by Teenmuscle

I just realized that I'm still too fat. I at least want to see some abs. I'm almost there but not quite so I decided that I need to go on a strict diet and do more cardio. I'm worried that I'll lose muscle. Help!

Posted by Gannan

First off is you want to keep your muscle dont go on a strict diet.The best way to diet is not to diet, trust me, if you wanna lose weight dont eat any junk food,keep to fruits and veggies, and i would eat big in the morning and little at night moderate at lunch, give it about 4 hrs before bed not eating and you should wake up starving with the feeling your stomach is caving in then start over, another thing eat every 3 hrs including healthy snacks,i would suggest a lofat protien shake 2 hrs before bed just to make sure,but thats not eating and after that sleep, and make sure you get enough of it 8 hrs at least,believe it or not it helps you lose weight, thats all the advise i have..

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