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Do abdominal sweat belts work

Posted by Solid

Do they really work or is it just a gimmick, I ride my bike 10 miles a night and wear a sweat belt I was wondering if it is going to help.

Posted by Que

They don't work.

You will sweat a little but as soon as you drink a glass of water the "weight" is right back on you. They do nothing to help you lose fat.

Posted by Diddy

I would have to disagree with Que. I have been using one for about six to nine months...I'm not saying that they are going to knock it off overnight....But I will tell you this. When I work out, whether it be weights, or carido, or ab work only. It will make me sweat 5x more than someplace that is not covered by neoprene. I would say go get one for yourself nd give it a try...They are only about $5.00 and you can formulate your own opinion. Where I really think it hits the best is in the fatty area of the lower back....This has been a very problematic area for me but I have reduced this area quite a bit. I love mine get one and try one I'd say.

Posted by Edi

Works for me. I can see results in a few days after I use it. Try it out and see for yourself.

Posted by Que

A sweat belt will temporarily help you lose water and they also have a slight rubber band effect ( when you put a rubber band around your finger it will compress and leave an indention that will soon go back to normal). A sweat belt will not help you lose any fat. A complete waste of money .

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