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Do weight gainers really work

Posted by Built

I have a few questions about weight gainers.

1) Does it really work?

2) Do weight gainers give you more muscle or fat?

I've heard that if you gain fat it cant be turned into muscle so I really dont want to gain fat if im going to have to work on losing it.

Posted by Dman

Yes and no, weight gainers are more for people that want to gain weight and bulk up so I hate to burst your bubble but you'll probably have to turn it into muscle over time if taking them while weightraining it might just come more like muscle but you will have a hard time being ripped if that's what you wanted, I know a gu who took it who is very buff, not ripped. Hope this helps you out man!

For protien you should have 1g per 1 pound in bodyweight. So that should equal 50% of your diet. Then you would work out the others using that to base upon. Good Luck.

(If any of the others know what the percentage is then say. But im pretty sure thats correct but again correct me if im wrong.)

Posted by Bigfat

Id say it depends on your metabolism...if your one of those guys that eats mcdonalds all the time and still has a six pack...you know the guys that are naturaly at 5 to 13% percent bf...they can help alot when you bulk up but if you pron to on fat if pig out for a week or two i suggest you stay away...if your in the middle its up to you....give em try theyll definatly work if you eat right...youll prolly gain some wieght as for myself I dont personnally like them,,,make me puton excess fat

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