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Do you really need milk in your diet

Posted by Silver

I drink basically 0 milk weekly and pretty much monthly, will with affect my training, as well as my muscle growth in anyway? I am 26 right now.....

Posted by Golgo

As long as you get calcium from other sources, you should be fine. I don't drink milk either, but I get plenty of calcium from other foods, MRP's etc.

Posted by Analogue

Milk is such a great protein source I don't think I could live without it. It's cheap, high protien and low fat(skim milk). Why don't you drink milk? Lactose intolerant?

Posted by LittleGuy

Milk happens to be extremely unhealthy for you. Do you know that we are the only animals that continue to drink milk once we are done breastfeeding. No other animal drinks milk past that point, instinctively. Also, we are the only animal that would drink the milk of another. And to top all that off do you know what kind of antibiotics and hormones are pumped into those animals to make them develope more milk than they should. You should read about it though and not take my word for it. The info is all over the web.

Posted by Bamm

I used to drink like a gallon of milk a day practically, then I started researching dairy products to find out how bad they are for you. "Milk, it does a body good" , hmmm, sounds like the dairy association is getting some hints from what the tobacco industry used to do. I got off dairy and the bloat in my stomach went away in about 3 weeks and my abs really started coming through. I look a hell of a lot better now, and feel better too.

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