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Drink a gallon of milk in an hour challenge

Posted by Fashionstud

Has anyone tried drinking a gallon of milk in an hour with out throwing it up?

I tried it last year thinking it would be easy...they said it was impossible. I chugged the gallon till there was 1" left then laid down. after about 45 minutes i tried to drink the rest but puked on account of my stomach was so full. has anyone ever done it on here?

Posted by Hrtless

My friends little brother and three of his friends had a race to see who could drink 1 gallon of milk fastest. The whole thing is on camera. one guy put down the whole thing in like 15 min and he was the smallest one skinney as hell. every one else got like 3/4 finished and every one was throwing up like crazy. it was some of the funniest and most disgusting thing ever

Posted by Bulldog

I heard that because of the amount of lactose in it it is alomost impossible to do. They said it would just make you barf but I'm sure there is somebody who could do it. The guy I saw try it almost made and then barfed. We were in art class in HS.

Posted by Sd

in 8th grade me and my best friend had to do a mock public service announcement for our health class. we titled our video "the evils of milk." we video taped a competition between the 2 of us to see who could drink the most. i got like 2/3 of the way and puked like 3 times, but my friend actually drank the whole thing. the only thing was after he finished it his whole body started shaking and he puked like 20 times... no joke. our teacher wouldnt let us show it in front of the class (which was probably a good idea) but we both got A's for effort.

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