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Drinking water and peeing a lot

Posted by Johnny

Anybody drink tons of water and have to piss a bunch? I'm being totally serious here. I drink about 2 gallons a day and I probably piss 10 times a day minimum.

Does anybody else piss this much or do I just have the bladder of a four year old girl?

Posted by Dianabol

It is actually normal to pass water every two hours. Most of us fall short of this.

As bodybuilders, we must be vigilant with our water intake since we consume so much more food, and with such increase in food, waste matter, such waste matter needing to be passed out via sweat, urine and faeces.

You do not have the bladder of an human female infant.

Posted by Wrkoutqueen

Water is good for you, don't worry about going to the bathroom. That will get better, when your body gets use to it and starts craving it. Keep drinking it though, there are lots of benifits from drinking lots of water.

Posted by SlowTwitch

If your protein intake is way outbalancing your carb intake, you'll pee a lot more.

Carbs will tend to make you hold more water.

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