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Fast metabolism can't gain weight muscle mass

Posted by Blockhead

I eat about 5 to 6 times a day everyday. Ive tried healthy food and not so healthy food. I am drinking 2 protein shakes a day. No matter what i do i cant gain any weight. im 5"11 and 165 lbs. Can anyone help?

Posted by Jeppuda

Count calories.

I was eatin six times a day and wasn't gaining any weight, until I started counting calories.

Buy a weight gainer. Super Heavy Weight Gainer by Champion Nutrition is good.(I heard N-Large2 is good also)

Just make sure you are getting enough calories

Posted by Smith

This question almost answers itself. If you aren't gaining weight, you need to eat more. You should already be eating 5-7 times a day and drinking about 3 protein shakes a day with your meals. Continue to monitor your weight, if you still don't gain, then continue to add more calories or portions to each meal. For example, I eat 7 times a day. My meal #6 consists only of 1 portion of complex carbohydrates. If I wanted to gain weight, I might also add a portion of protein to that meal. And so on.

Posted by Superman

Wasup, just try consuming more calorie dense foods...try mixing 2 spoons of all natural peanut butter and a spoon of flaxseed oil into your protein shacks...take protein shacks about 4 times a day, about 3 hours a part...the trick here is to consume complex carbs and not too much of simple. complex carbs give you a more slow released energy and also spare protein from being used as energy...

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