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Full upper body workout routine

Posted by Riftwood

My Upper Body Routine In Full

Hello, I thought I would post my upper body routine. Please feel free to comment on the routine and add some pointer's that could improve it.

I follow this routine on Monday and Thursday. Tuesday and Friday is lower body training days. Wednsday, saturday and sunday is my rest day. This make's up my split routine.

The Chest
Bench press
Incline Bench Press
Decline Dumbell Press

The Shoulder's
Shoulder Press
Dumbell Press
Upright Rows
Dumbell Front Raises

The Arms
Barbell Curl's
Alternate Dumbell Curls
Concentration Curl's

The Triceps
Tricep Extensions
Dumbell Kick Backs
French Curls

There it is, my upper body routine. I do 3 set's of each exercise and my rep range is between 6-8. I will be increasing my rep range to 8-10 and adding preacher curl's to my arm exercise's shortly. I have been following this routine for about 3 month's now, although I have slacked a bit due to impropper sleeping and nutrition.

I'll post my lower body routine shortly. I am still finding my capabilitie's with my training so the ubove routine is basic, i will improve upon it as I go along.

Posted by Fighter

I had the same chest routine as you i added dips and im getting a lot more shape. Shoulders add some bar and dumbell shrugs also do some side lateral raises. On arms i would add some preacher and hammer curls. On triceps add some dips and close grip bench press. If i was you id do chest and triceps on monday, legs tuesday,wednesday back, thursday shoulders and biceps.

Posted by Polster

No back work? It is part of your upper body, ya know.

Just a thought here, but you should not be doing all upper body 2 days in a row. You need time to rest. Stick to chest and tri's together, on monday, then go to lower body next day, then back to upper with your bi's and back.

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