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Get rid of hairy chest

Posted by Josh

I got a freakin hairy chest. What can i do to get rid of this crap. I shaved before, but all it did wascome back very pickey and hairier. What do you guyso do?

Posted by Terminator

I bought Nad's through mail order a ways back; I think it cost about 40 bucks; it's probably less now. It's totally natural - they even eat it on the infomercial! However, I'm going to warn you up front right now, bro: prepare for some PAIN! I have medium length body hair, and I heated the stuff up and lathered on just like they did in the infomercial, put the cotton strip on, pulled, and then screamed my tail off. It hurt REAL bad. Plus, I didn't even come close to getting all of it the first time. I would recommend shaving the hair down with a clipper first, and then using the Nad's on the shorter hair (you won't go through as much product that way either). I've heard chicks talk about how much waxing hurts, but I can't believe it's much worse than this.

Personally, I just use clippers, and "touch up" every few days. It doesn't get me bald, but it's pretty close. Plus, no razor burn like if you used a regular razor. If it's just your chest you're doing, touch ups shouldn't take more than 5 minutes tops, and you can do them maybe once a week (again, depending on hair length).

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