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Good carbohydrates sources for bodybuilding

Posted by Dobber

Hey guys! I have a question for y'all. I need some input. Football camp will be starting here soon. I will have access to the cafeteria and basically and food I want. So, what foods should I eat to get the most carbs. I have just started paying attention to nutrition so I'm definitely a newbie in this field. Help me out guys. Also, since I'll be bustin my ass with the football, should I lower my protein a bit?

Posted by Rez

Good carbs for you would be...oatmeal, rice, potatoes, pasta, green vegetables(such as broccoli), fruits (such as apples, bananas, and oranges).. and as far as the protein goes if I were you I wouldn't drop it , it maintains and repairs your muscle.

Posted by Sd

I would try to keep a good protein intake becuase when you sweat you loose some of it, but if you had to choose one over the other i would take complex carbs over protein while youre in football camp. if your football camp was anything like what i went through for waterpolo and baseball, you'll need all the energy you can get. the latest scientific data (which may not mean much because it is always changing) reports that during aerobic excercise, only about 10-20% of your energy can come from protien. this is because the body does not metabolize protein as efficiently as carbs (the same amount of carbs provides 6x more ATP than protein). like rez said, eat oatmeal, potatos, and definitely fruits and veggies. if youre anything like me, you probably wont want to eat a lot in the morning before intense excercise so, eat a small breakfast and snack on fruits, etc throughout the day. for dinner, MAKE SURE that you get a lot of carbs because it will help to replenish your depleated muscle glycogen stores (which the muscles must rely on during anaerobic excercise and aerobic excercise to a lesser degree). good luck and kick ass on the gridiron.

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