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Good exercises for triceps with dumbbells

Posted by Biggie

Could you guys tell me all the exercises with dumbells you can do for triceps, looking for more mass.

Posted by Live4IRON

Kind of depends on what weights of dumbells you have (& your strength).

Personally, I like single dumbell overhead extensions..., keep elbows in. Dropsets on this are good too for a real burn.

They work, but never cared for dumbell kickbacks.

Posted by Sniper

I agree with Live4IRON. Never cared for kickbacks either. I do see a lot of younger guys trying to use to much weight on movements like skull crushers and overhead dumbell extensions which cause the elbows to flare out removing the concentration away from the tricep. I have always liked to finish my tricep workout with seated reverse dips. I usually have a spotter stack 45's on my lap and do 10 reps. pull off 1 plate do 10 more until they are all gone.

Posted by Live4IRON

Sniper, You can also use a dumbell on top of the plate...keep it as close to your gut as possible & have your spotter remove it or add a lighter one when you're ready...easier than having plates sliding around. Just make sure he doesn't crack u in the jaw taking it off....spoken from experience. I take it you're doing these with your feet on a bench too.

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