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How do I build muscle without gaining weight

Posted by Greencb

I need some nutrition advice.

I am 210lbs 6 foot tall, and I am going to start working out Monday. I worked out a few years agoe but I was eating verey little in fear of gaining weight.

How many calories, protien grams, and carbs should I take in to gain muscle mass? Keep in mind at work I sit on my ass at a desk. The only exercise I get is my workout.

Posted by LargeNCharge

If you're wanting to pack on some muscle, I would recommend 1-1.5 grams of protein per lb. of body weight and around 3000-4000 cals. The tricky part is the carbs. I would try to consume the neccessary carbs early on in the day so your body has the opportunity to expend them. You NEED carbs to build muscle, but remember that carbs also convert to fat. It's very hard to add muscle and cut fat at the same time. Just make sure your protein is sufficient and you should pack some serious muscle on. Make sure you get some protein before and after your workouts, preferably in the form of whey or a weight gainer. Good luck!

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