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How do I get my arms bigger

Posted by DMB

I have a question for you all, how do I get my arms bigger? For some reason, I have always felt that my arms are really small. I know that tris are a key part, and I hit those hard. I hit my bis hard too. What's the problem? I usually do chest/bis and back/tris together (on separate days). Can anyone recommend some good excercises to get my arms bigger? Right now I do:

dips w/ weights
skull crushers
cable push downs

preacher curls w/ ez bar
dumbell curls
cable curls (where you stand between two cables and use the upper grips, bringing them to your head)
and 21s.

And help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by McVolt

Try shocking your muscles by doing bis/tris on a different day instead of with back and chest. Supersetting them is pretty cool and can be a fun twist to your workout. Also, your tris should be doing more sets than bis. More muscle mass there. Peace

Posted by Sniper

Your workout looks good. You might want to consider doing tri's with chest and bi's with back.(Push Pull theory) Only other suggestion I have is use bent bar and straight bar on push downs and attack the three headed tricep from different angles. You sound like you know what your doing just experiment a little.

Posted by Sfighter

If you really want blast your arms out bro then i would suggest you go for the 12hr arm killer this will definintly blow your arms out i added 3/4 inch to mine last time i did it. firstly i would like to warn you that this method of training must be used infrequently say around only 2-3 times a year! As if you try to make this a regular thing you will just result in a having a decrease in muscle size not an increase. Okay bro to start you will have to set aside one whole day which you can train undisturbed i would recommend saturday so you can rest all sunday. For arms you only need a barbell set. You are also gonna need a continous intake of protein ready for you to injest throught the day. Whey Protein, beef, eggs etc.. would be ideal. And for even greater results it would be good to take 1-2grams of creatine with the shakes also (but this is up to you). You wanna start this day a 7.00am eating 3-4 eggs (any style) , a protein shake, and a limited amount of carbs (of your choice). At 8.00am you perform your first workout this will be only one excercise for biceps and one for triceps (your choise), i personally did strict standing curls and weighted dips. These excercises must be taken to an 6 rep total faliure the weight must be as heavy as possible, you must push yourself to total failure, at 8.30 you should take your protein and carb feeding it dosent matter if you have a little fat with it aswell. 9.00 would be your second workout you repeat the same as before 1 exercise for biceps and 1 for triceps only for one set and again you must push yourself to total failure at 8 reps this time. 9.30 would be your second feeling and this pattern will be repeated until 7.00pm, although from your third workout you still do 1 set/1 excercise for bicep/tricep but you only train to a burn so your aiming to do between 15-20reps. When you not performing a workout just sit back relax and take your feeding, you dont wanna be doing anything physically challenging. Another tip bro is to just run your arms with a sports massage and when your about to perform a workout just before slowly perform some arm posing with no weights you would be shocked at the fullness in you muscle, again bro i hope that you gain great muscle size and overcome your arm problem, another thing if you train right afterwards the gain will be permanent. Do not train your arms for atleast 2 weeks after this day.

Posted by Golgo

Having been a personal trainer (lost interest, long story) i know enough to say that i know what has worked for me, but i don't know if this will work for everyone (most trainers won't admit that, they think their word is law), but you might want to try it out, might help. here is what has always worked for my biceps:
- alt. HEAVY seated dumbell curls- i emphasize heavy, like 3-4 good reps, and 3-4 cheated ones with a controlled SLOW descent to full extension, really supinate your wrist at the top for a full peak (i personally use 75-80 lb db's) for 3-4 sets. these are always included in my bi workout, the heavy weight is what i attribute my arm size and growth to.
honestly i think my bi's would be sore after doing just these, but i also do any of the following for a total of 12-20 sets just in case:
-alt. hammer curls
-straight bar curls
-ez bar curls (close grip)
-ez bar curls (wide)
-lying down alt db curls
-preacher db curls
-preacher straight bar curls
-cable curls (straight bar and singles)
-close grip pullups (palms facing you)

for triceps, heavy close grips and heavy dips are fantastic for overall mass (and they are the two best excersises for increasing your bench, since they use the same area of the triceps the bench uses most), skullcrushers are good (both ezbar and db, for a good burn, rotate the dumbells on the way up, palms facing away)for the inner tricep area, and any pushing down motion will work your outer head (the horseshoe shape we all want) so do reverse grip, normal grip, and one handed pushdowns, again 12-20 sets.

i recommend the encyclopedia of bodybuilding by arnold schwarzenegger (or the bible as i call it) whenever i need a new workout, its a great source of excersise ideas.

like i said, this isn't the end all and be all, just what has worked for me, low reps with good form and as heavy as possible. some cheating is permissible, in fact i recommend it for bi's when you cannot do any more strictly, your bi's need to be seriously overloaded to make them grow. hope this helps.

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