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How many calories for slow metabolism

Posted by Dreamer

How many calories a day for someone with slow metabolism?

I am 5'9" 210lbs and about 25% body fat(according to the online BF calculator). I have about 38 in. waist, 16 1/2 in. arms and naturally thick chest. I want to eat enough calories to gain muscle but not gain fat. I need to lose my stomach and love handles, not make them bigger. I have been staying around 2500 cal/day and am seeing strength gains a little. any help is greatly appreciated guys. thanks

Posted by Oldfart

Hey roiddreamer what's up? I love chatting diet. What exactly are those 2500 calories? Give a little breakdown and when you eat them. A brief w/o schedule would also be helpfull.

Posted by Dreamer

20%fat 40%carbs 40% protoen

I work out 5 days a week. I do about 3 different exercises for each muscle. 4 sets per exercise and keep the reps between 5-9

Posted by Sd

I guess it depends on which goal is more important to you. right now you are eating enough calories to lose fat at a very gradual rate and minimize muscle loss. this is probably the healthiest way to do it, and is what i suggest. however, if the results are coming too slow, you may want to try either a bulking or cutting diet depending on which is more important to you. the drawback is that if you cut you will definitely lose some muscle, and if you bulk you will definitely gain some fat. decide which path you want to take and then look into the options. i want to reiterate that i suggest staying with what youre doing because its something you can maintain for a long time, but its up to you.

Posted by Ripvanabs

Have you ever tried looking into low glycemic carbs? Maybe your insulin system is mismatched with your diet. Try eating low glycemic carbs. Lot of info on the net, on sugar content. So many nethods to lose fat! I love my six pack!

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