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How much can you bench press

Posted by Groove

Hi all, I'm 21 and I've just recently started bodybuilding after getting sick of being skinny for most of my life. Finding it really awesome (wish I started earlier!).

In 4 months I've gone from 65kg to 73kg (145 lbs to 160 lbs for you americans) and kept my bf steady at 12% and all my mates think I'm on roids, lol.

Usually I get asked: 'How much can you bench?' At the moment I'm doing pyramid sets increasing weight and decreasing reps every set so its kinda complicated telling exactly what i can do to compared to someone doing straight sets.

I'm assuming when a bodybuilder boasts about how much they can bench, that it is their 1RM they are quoting and that they generate this figure from a table or something?

Anyway I'd also be interested to know what kind of poundages you guys are benchpressing at the moment...

Posted by SoulReaver

Forget it, I already tried this asking about the big 3(bench,squat,dead) for powerlifting. You are not going to hear a peep. If you are lucky you may get a few, others will be bulls**ting. PEACE

Posted by BigNtall

Here is the honest truth.
I can bench 195.
I know it does not seem like much compared to the other guys on this board, but hey, I'll get there someday. BTW lift heavy, in the past 2 weeks i brought my bench up 10pds. Another good way to get your bench up, is to get your friends together to see who can do how much. like set a time, so that everyone can work towards beating everyone else. you will work harder.

Posted by Kak

As of tuesday I'm up to 285 for six clean reps, on Friday I'll be shooting for either 286 or 287 and 1/2 I increase the weight everytime I workout a muscle for as much as I can do for six clean reps wether I increase a pound or 5 pounds I have to go up in weight it's hard as hell but worth it. I had to go to the hardware store and get some 1/2 pound washers so that I sould go up in weight cause the olympic weight only go as small as 2 and 1/2 pound plates and sometimes a total five pound jump is impossible. I have only tried a one rep max a couple of times and its around 320 lbs. Almost forgot, I'm 22 and weigh in at 172 lbs and growing!

Posted by BigEd

Im 18 years old, and 210lbs. i've built myself up to 225 6 times on my last rep. I think the key to building to a high wieght would be to on your last set push youself to the max w/ a spot and instead of going for 6 or 8 on your last set , if you can only do 3 or 4 this is fine, because on the last or second to last rep, this is where you will have built your muscle, the natural and best way to get big.

Posted by Rocket

43 years old been lifting for 15 years and my bench still suck i got 280lbs the other day and that is a PR. I have squatted over 500lbs and have deadlifted about the same but my bench has always been my weak point. Good to see you got some honest anwers. I seen board were everyone benches over 500lbs (yea right) Rocket.

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