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How strict should my diet be

Posted by Darling

How strict.........is Strict?

I'm a 28yr fe 5ft 6 1/2in, went from 160 lbs, size 11(33in waist) to 140-143 lbs and size 4 (28in waist)w/in the past yr. My goals are to get to 130lbs and bring my waist down to about 25-26in but I find myself at a plato.

I train regulary and have been for the past 6-7 yrs but just got more serious about a 1 1/2 yrs ago. My diet has gotten much better but every time I break down about 1-2wks into my diet. I'll grab for sm portions of cookies or mini candybars. Ice cream is sin for me. I always find myself jumping back onto my diet the following day. I have completly cut wheat out of my diet and my protein intake is as follows: tuna, chicken breast, lean ground beef & protein drinks low in carbs. My carbs are mostly fresh vegies & rice.

How should I change or alter my diet? any suggestions? When I weight train, especially legs.....I get so dam hungry! I can literally feel my legs grow & my weight will automatically jump 5 lbs. I've got alot of muscle for a woman but scared to really push it b/c of gainig. I want to bring down my body fat % Please give me some feedback!

Posted by BigPapa

What kind of cardio are you doing? Also how many times a day are you eating? 5-6 small meals works real well for me to drop fat. Also don't be afraid to "cheat" on your diet a little. A little treat here and there is better then driving yourself crazy. Also you might want to consider a thermogenic supplement like Ripped Feul. This works well for me, but keep in mind that these Thermo products like RF, Metabolife, etc. Are Ephedrine/Caffine based. If you can't handle that combination, then avoid them.

Posted by Teenmuscle

You should get your body fat % tested by a professional and that will help you get it down to where you want it.

Posted by Nick

Stay away from the scale and let your mirror be your guide. Muscle weighs more than fat, so being 145 with <12% b/f looks waaaay more slimmer than 125 with an assload of bodyfat. I designate myself a day that I can eat whatever I want. Throughout the week I'm strict, but that day, it;s anything goes. IT also helps you burn more overall.. go to www.drsquat.com check articles and look for Zig Zag diet.

Posted by Darling

I do aproxx 3x a 30min sessions a week on a stair master, I do take an Ephederine /caffiene base supplememnt and have been weight training 4-5 days a week. I just started my first cycle of clen and excited to see results. I just weaned down from my 1st 2wks ( planning 2wks on & 2wks off) And now I'm back on a thermagenic supplement.

My hubby is a pro & from what he says I'm about 18%......my goal is to get down to 9-12% Any diet suggestions? Or work-out suggestions?

Need some great diet plans.....while training. My current diet is
Meal #1 B-fast Protein shake w/fat free milk
Snacks 2x a day-Rice cake P-butter and lil jelly or cottage cheese or protein bar
Meal#2 Hamburger patty (lean)w/ a veggy
Meal#3 Sushi w/ maybe a chicken breast or chiken salad
Meal#4Chicken breast or hamburger patty---plain
Meal#5 Protein shake w/ approx 30-40gms of protein----usually after work-out
Meal#6 Chicken Breast ---Salad w/ fat free dressing and cottage cheese

Posted by BigPapa

Looks good to me. Keep us posted on your progress. One thing to add is on the cardio. IMHO cardio of some type everyday is not a bad thing. Even if it means taking a walk in the evening. If your goal is to lean out then it certainly won't hurt anything.

Posted by Nick

What do you drink? Juice? Soda? During the week, all I drink is water. Occasionally skim milk and Crystal Light once a day, but get at least a gallon of water a day and nuke the sodas and sugar waters, or your dieting is in vain.

Cut wheat out of your diet? Unless you're going purely ketonic in your diet, this is bad. Wheat is a good carb. White rice ain't the best. Brown or Basmati is better. Sweet potatoes and reds are good. Make sure to get good complex carbs, or your workouts will be shitty.

Posted by Sd

As you get in better shape, its ok to "carb-up" like once a week. that way your muscles will be adequately fueled for heavy training. also, you say you cut wheat out of your diet. just make sure that youre getting enough niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin. these vitamins all are crucial in metabolism of fat and carbohydrates and are usually recieved from wheat/bran products. by looking at your diet, i would think that you are getting enough of these things, but it doesnt hurt to check.

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