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How to build brute strength

Posted by Biggie

iam looking to add weight on the bicep, shrugs, dumbell bench press. By next June i want to be adding 30-40 pounds on each of these exercises, how many reps should i do , this is basically an all power routine for one year. iam only going to be using dumbells only. any suggestions

Posted by Chesta

Hey biggie,
Let's see if I can help:
Start off with reps of 5's, 3's, 2's, then start over, for example:
Let's say you do dbell bench press with 100lbs. each hand. For the firs 8 week cycle you start off with 1 warm-up set 8-10reps, 1 med. set 6-8 reps, and then 1 hard set of 5reps. (Let's say with 100lbs. each)
Week 2: warm-up, medium, then 105lbs for 5.
Week 3: 110lbs x 5
Week 4: 115lbs x 5
Week 5: 125lbs x 3
Week 6: 130lbs x 3
Week 7: 140lbs x 2
Week 8: 150lbs x 2
Finished. Start the 8 week cycle over again, but with 5-10lbs more than what you started with. for ex.: started with 100lbs each. then, 2nd cycle should be 105,110,115,and 120lbs for 5, then 130 and 135lbs for 3, and 145 and 155 for 2's.
Then start over.
In a years time, you would have added 60+ pounds to your best set of 5 or 3 or 2's!
There are roughly 6 of these cycles in a year.
You can do this for any exercise, for any bodypart. (wouldn't really work good for abs., calves, and fore's.)
Just pick the exercise and bodypart and do it.
If you want to, you can add a 4th set with the same weight as the 3rd heavy set if you feel you need more. Just be sure not to sacrifice form for weight.
This cycle has helped me for the last 3 years in setting 30 state records, over 10 national, and 13 world records in POWERLIFTING!
Eat a lot, take supps., train hard, and add some attitude and discipline in the mix and you can't go wrong.

Good Luck, and keep pumpin'

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