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How to build glutes and hamstrings

Posted by Hogwild

I did a search on this but didn't see exactly what I was looking for. I have a decent upper body, decent legs. But, what I am looking for is the best exercise that builds the glutes and legs where the legs meet the ass. I've done squats & leg press with some pretty heavy weight(up to 300 squat & 720 on sled - I'm 5'8 185 lbs)but just can't get the ass I'm looking for... I'm about to get geared up and I'd appreciate some advise to help me maximize my gains.

Posted by Tryitallonce

Try straight leg dead lifts and leg curls. Works great for me!!!

Posted by Smith

I would recommend lunges and the "butt blaster" type machines. These are the machines where you are face down and your stomach rests on some kind of support and you kick one of your legs up and out to the back.

All the other exercises you mentioned and the other guy mentioned will help as well.

Posted by Mitch

I'd have to agree with "tryitallonce" Stiff Legs are definately a key excercise for glute development. Those, and picking up the odd "dirty" at a local watering hole. Both can give your ass a good workout.

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