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Posted by Magnus

A body builder ain't complete without the ripples in the stomach. Getting shredded abs involves consistency,less unnecessary stress and hard-work. N.B. - abs are made in the kitchen. Having washboard abs shows that you have stamina and you are healthy. Any time I get to the gym, I usually see guys doing endless basic crunches and doing different sorts of abs machine exercise. Believe you me, I got my 6 pack without doing basic crunches because I felt that it always strains my neck and my spine. Don't get me wrong, I ain't saying crunches is a bad exercise but most people do it wrong. Hey, when doing basic crunches the hands should be placed behind the head only to support the head and not to pull the head forward.

Everybody has six packs, just that they are covered by a layer of fat, That means you have to reduce your fat level by staying on a strict diet. Now let's talk about the routine to sculpture those abs.


My routine is based on high sets with low repetitions training six times weekly. I trained abs directly three times in per week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Most times we train abs indirectly when we do compound exercises like squats, barbell row, bench press, pull ups and presses.








CHEST-Bench press, dumbbell flyes and dumbbell pullover

ABS-Plank with leg lift and sit ups (3 sets to failure)

TRICEPS-Close grip bench press, skull crusher, triceps kickback and diamond push up

SHOULDERS-Arnold bench press, Lat Raise and upright barbell row

BACK-Barbell row, deadlift and shrugs

LEGS-Squats, Leg Extension and leg press

OBLIQUES-Bicycle crunches

LOWER ABS-Reverse crunches, incline leg raise and roman chair sit up (3 sets to failure)

And Don't forget pushups. Do 100 of them

The main reason for splitting the abs into 3 is because I discovered that people put more focus on the upper abs having forgotten that the lower abs contain most of the fat deposits, that is why it is three times more difficult for people to have an 8 pack except if you 6 pack above your belly botton while some have difficulty in building 6 pack because they have their two packs above their belly botton. The main reason is because our muscles are determined genetically by our parents. To know the type of abnominal muscles you have, whenever you wake up in the morning, flex your abs in the mirror. I always encourage people to get a tape rule instead of a weight scale to measure your gains weekly.


Eating a balanced diet is necessary in bodybuilding because when we workout, the muscles are stressed and worn out and we need protein to repair wornout tissues. Avoid fatty foods and always eat greens and don't forget cardio. Ain't gonna promise you that you will get a six pack in three weeks but I can assure you will see changes.

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