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How to keep stomach down while bulking

Posted by Aaron

Hey everyone...im in my bulking phase right now where i have decided since this past january to bulk and gain as much weight as possible for the next two yrs to get as much foundation as i can then start cutting and sculpting later on..im so excited because im getting pretty massive..23 yrs old..5 ft 7, about 237..the only problem is now that im gaining this much i have packed on a lot of body fat..{am about 16 or 17%}..most all of the fat is around my gut..but i know in order to bulk that comes with the territory..ive read articles about how many BB's gain a huge amount of weight in the offseason and get really fat, i was just wondering how true that actually is..i mean i cant really wear all the tight shirts anymore, not because im not huge, {fuck yeah i am} but becuase my gut is poking out pretty big...is there anything i can do while i keep bulking up to keep my stomach at least at a stand still if not a bit smaller..yall give me some help..thanks..~~Aaron

Posted by BigboyNasty

Keep doing abs. Also when your just standing around learn to suck your gut in. There is a layer of muscles under the abs that hold your gut in and makes the appearance that your thinner. I practiced this for awhile and now I keep my gut in w/o realizing it. This is the only way to strenghten these muscles.I'm like you. I weigh up to 255-260 in the winter at 6'1" so I do these to give a better appearance and it works.

Posted by Alex

Yeah, but also be careful. you want to gain over a two year period, so do it more slowly. i went a similar path and now i am losing a whole bunch of fat.. most of it unnecessary from gaining too fast. don't go crazy overaeting. you can't gain 20 pounds of mucle in one month.

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