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How to make bodybuilding food taste good

Posted by Voidware

I am a hard worker and an ardent good eater. In an attempt to eat the most protein with the least amount of fat, I snack on the usual stuff (canned tuna, chicken breast, whey protein, skim milk, fat free cottage cheese). I can usually keep myself from the cookies and cake (usually), but I ok the same old flavorless goo and shit each and every day. I just pisses me off. I am going insane for something different. Any suggestions? What do you guys eat?

I want something that tastes different!

Posted by Tryitallonce

Recently I have been eating yogurt and it's a pretty good little snack. I have also been using those bags of frozen fruit and making smoothies. They are great with protein drinks and easy to make. As far as the meats and stuff, I have tried to vary my eating habits by picking up a couple of cook books. If you don't mind cooking, they offer some great meals that you wouldn't normally think of. I have started eating a lot more pork and fish and it's been great. It's a great break from chicken and beef and it offers nearly the same amounts of nutrition. If you don't like cooking, I'd say you're out of luck. There are only so many things that you can stick in a microwave, not including small rodents and family pets. PEACE...

Posted by BigPapa

I mentioned this product before on here, but Healthy Choice makes a great turkey sausage. I usually chow down on the whole damn package at once. I think its something like 40 or 50g total protein if you eat the whole thing, and probably 7 or 8g fat. Also I've been eating lean deli beef. There's alot you can do with eggs as well. Egg salad is a favorite of mine. Mix in a few hardboiled eggs with low fat mayo, mustard...good stuff!!

Posted by Superman

I'm a big fan of the grill. if you marinate chicken breast for 3-24 hours in a sauce you like, then grill it on high heat 10 mins each side, its absolutely delicious. sure, the marinade will add some sodium and unwanted carbs and fat, but its a lot better than going to McDonalds or Taco Hell when you want something different. Yesterday I made some teryaki chicken breast with basamati rice that was very low in fat with reasonable calories and carbs.... not your ideal healthy meal, but not bad at all for a change of pace..

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