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How to stick to my diet on the weekends

Posted by Stackin

Finding it hard to maintain schedule on weekends

I am finding it hard to stick to my protein intake on the weekends. I guess when I'm at the office everything is pretty much regimented. But the weekends fall to crap...with the yardwork, fixing things around the house, sexin it up with the wife...you know how it is don't yah?? Anybody care to respond??

Posted by Tryitallonce

I know what you mean. I have found that getting up early on the weekends works great. The woman sleeps in till about 9 or 10 and I am finished about 9 or 10. It makes you feel great knowing that while other people are lazy and sleep till noon, you have already gotten your shit over with for the weekend. I have also found that making an extravagant meal on the weekend works well also. I usually don't splurge on the weekdays because it is too hard to get home, work out, then cook a huge meal. So I save the fish and things that take a lot of time for the weekend. You get a good meal and lots of nutrition as well. (as long as you don't mind cooking...) Stick with it...Later!!

Posted by BigboyNasty

Maybe you should have your wife feed you protein chewables while she fans you while you're watching the game. Seriously don't worry to much about the weekends as long as you're not starvin' yourself.

Posted by Pakiz

Ive read somewhere that keeping to your low carb --> low calor diet isnt such a good idea. Ive been doing this stuff for a while and boy i had so much results !!!!!

first use some caffeine/ephedrine (sorry for spelling) subst. that increases your body temperature and hence you burn calories. also i keep a good low fat and low calorie diet for three days. On the fourth day i eat more (NOT FAT - just lots of carbs and protein). This way your metabolism increases and you burn more fat. Otherwise by starving yourselve all week long you just drop your metabolism and dont burn any cals (while not eating , its the defence of the organism so that it wont die of hunger :P ) and not achieve a thing.

Posted by Nick

Same problem here. I have to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to eat. Get the wife to help you.

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